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From our Directors

The “nurture vs nature” dispute draws compelling arguments from both sides. While the ruling to this long-standing debate likely falls along a gene by environment interaction, CJ PARTNERS is founded on the conviction that, genetic influence notwithstanding, there is nothing intrinsically defining in one’s bloodline, or family name. Instead, we believe that what shapes a person is his or her accumulation of experiences – during key developmental periods and throughout a lifetime – that account for his or her sense of place, morality, and general sense of “how the world works.” Being American-born and both culturally and professionally Japan-raised, it goes without saying that, uji yori sodachi – Japanese for “nurture over nature” – is a proverb by which we at CJ PARTNERS choose to live.

Our unique orientation to the world, shaped over years of true bicultural upbringings, is what makes us the strongest missing link between the world and Japan’s professional services.

Uji yori sodachi – “Nurture over Nature” – means our expertise goes beyond bilingualism to comprise the following elements aimed at delivering results that benefit Japan’s economy and society:

1. cutting edge service at affordable rates
2. bridging the differences between Japanese and non-Japanese businesses
3. international advice with a Japanese slant
4. tailor-made global expansion strategies absent in Japan-local advisory firms.

There is, of course, more than a handful of ways in which people like us can make a difference to Japan’s economy and society. Given our developmental, educational, and professional background, we arrived at CJ PARTNERS Inc. as the most fitting way to express our gratitude and humility to the culture that raised us. With support from a wide array of companies and individuals, we founded CJ PARTNERS Inc. on November 15, 2012, and look forward to offering you international strategy advice from those who’ve made a lifestyle of crossing cultures.

Colin Lee Novick, Managing Director
Jason David Sieger, Managing Director