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Our Assets


  • Comprehensive Global Reach

    Our business partnerships with M&A advisory and research consulting firms equips us with the capacity to respond quickly to the diverse needs of our clients.

  • Advantageous Cross-Border Negotiation

    Despite their many assets, where Japanese businesses meet the most difficulty is during the negotiation state of their cross-border initiatives. What makes the negotiation stage so difficult is not simply the differences in each party’s spoken language, but rather, discrepancies in each party’s social and professional reality.

    Such social and professional rhythms cannot be book-learned; it takes time and experience maneuvering between these differences to become a successful international negotiator. Our managing directors are able to provide this experience.

  • Strategy Minded M&A Advice

    We offer our clients value-added services that combine conventional matchmaking of M&A advisory firms that draws upon the strengths of strategy consultants.

    By combining extant M&A and consulting services, we are able to act in partnership with our clients to deliver long-term plans from our client’s perspective. In the process, we propose new ideas by making the most of our unique position in the professional and social world.

  • Efficient Cost-Performance

    We combine exceptional human resources and a business network based on international partnerships.

    Our business model allows us to offer specialized/unique services in a variety of fields at a fraction of the price of our larger-scale competitors.

    As a smaller-scale firm, we are also able to devote more time than our competitors to cross-border cases, regardless of their level of difficulty.